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Why did I stop smoking?

To tell you the truth I starting studying and as I found the subject so interesting, Smoking went completely out of my mind. I didn’t realise at the time what had happened, but I'd had a value shift.

Why would a value shift stop you smoking?

The most interesting thing about our values is that they have been generated unconsciously and when we started smoking, smoking at that time held a high value. We didn’t consider our health back then because most of us were a lot younger and were told “You must stop smoking" but smoking is really cool and life is long. If there are any values you have about smoking, I guarantee you they are now out of date.

Why did I carry on smoking when It tasted so bad?

I remember my first cigarette like it was yesterday, Windows open in the loo upstairs while mum and dad were out shopping, wow, this was a moment to remember, but why? Because this was a Significant emotional event. I’m sure you too can remember your first cigarette, just like you can remember your


What creates these significant emotional events that stay in our memories?

All of the above share some things in common; intensity, values and beliefs. Our values and beliefs are what drive us to what we want or what we don’t want. All of us get feelings of going towards what we want or feelings to move away from what we don’t want. Think of our beliefs and values like this.

Our beliefs are the table top and the legs are the values, without values the belief is no longer supported!


What can we do to change our beliefs?

I mentioned before our beliefs are on a unconscious level, some people call this the subconscious,our unconscious mind is above our consciousness mind and not below as sub-conscious implies. Dr Milton Erickson believed

"Your unconscious mind knows all about it-probably more than your conscious mind does-and your unconscious mind can keep from you, from your conscious mind, anything it doesn't want you to know consciously "

Your unconscious mind exists, just like your curiosity,just like your arms or legs. When you think about it, all the things your not consciously aware of are unconsciously still happening. Your not consciously aware of your left foot, until now, or the position of your left hand, until now. Your not aware of the function of your liver.

What about all your neurons?

There are more connections happening in your brain now then there are stars in the sky! According to The principles of neural science third edition, we have 10 to the power of 14 neurons (brain cells) and 10 to the power of 11 connections that are happening...NOW! One particular neuron is call a purkinje. You can fit 40 thousand Purkinje neurons on a pin head and one Purkinje brain cell can receive up to 150,000 connections at any one time. What’s even more fascinating is you will find most of them in the small brain or as some people call it the unconscious brain.


How will all of this information stop me smoking?

It wont, but your stopping smoking care package will. This is just the beginning of a whole new cleaner, healthier chapter in your life. You have learned to smoke, you have tricked your mind (neurons) that somking is a good thing to do, despite the fact that you ignored how disgusting it tasted.At first smoking made you feel sick and possibly hot and a bit shaky and on edge. Now it is time for you to learn how to replace those cravings for a cigarette and to begin to make new neural pathways for a healthier life. My intention is to help you to remove these beliefs and install new values that will complement your new thinking. Are you ready for a new chapter in your life? If you want to know even more, click here.

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